Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

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This review telld you whether it is worth signing up to Cashback. Cashback promises to pay you for taking out free trials and signing up to websites. But can you really make money this easily?

I made a total of £47.50 profit from Cashback in under an hour (excluding waiting time). Read how I did this in my review below.

🪧 Should you sign up through my affiliate links, I may receive a commission at no cost to you.

💡 Quick Answer: Is Legit? is a legit rewards website. On, you can earn money by completing offers. is great for making extra money but has limited offers.

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What Is is a get-paid-to (GPT) website that pays for sign-ups and trials. is free, and users can earn £150 on average. The concept of is simple:

  • You click on a link on and complete the task.
  • receives a commission from the company for your action.
  • passes on some of that commission to you. was established in 2022 based on its predecessor, 20Cogs. The website belongs to Submission Technology, which was founded in 2002. Its Director is Neil Robert Durrant, and the company is based in Maidstone, UK.

Is Legit?

Cashback reviews on Trustpilot is a legit website. It is the successor of a well-established website, 20Cogs. Both and 20Cogs have paid out without problems.

The company behind is Submission Technology Ltd. Submission Technology Ltd. is registered as a UK company with the number 04456811. is also popular on Trustpilot. It has an average score of 4.4. out of 5.0. Overall, 87% of users rated as great or excellent.

What Is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot is an independent consumer review platform. It has no affiliation with the sites mentioned in this post. On Trustpilot, users can anonymously rate and review companies they have used.

Overall, there are over 150 million reviews on Trustpilot. You can generally get a good understanding of the legitimacy and customer-friendliness of a company.

Is Safe? is safe. On the site, you don’t need to enter many personal details. If you don’t want to share your bank details, you can request payouts via PayPal.

However, this does not mean that all offers on are safe. When you attempt an offer, you use a third-party site. Always ensure that the advertiser is legit. You can do this by reading reviews before you attempt an offer.

How Does Work? is a rewards site. Rewards sites work by paying you to complete offers. For example, you get rewarded if you sign up to a third-party site through their links. receives money for referring you to a third-party site. This is essentially a form of advertising. will then pass on a proportion of its earnings to you.

When you sign up to, you can complete 15 tasks. Each task has three alternative offers. Simply complete one of each task level. The instructions to do this are on the screen. After you complete the tasks, you can request a payout. Payment is through PayPal or a bank account.

1. How Can You Sign up to

Sign up to through the button below for a £5 free cash bonus. Signing up should only take a few seconds:

  • Click on “Join now for FREE!”.
  • Enter your name and your email address.
  • Set a password.

Then, confirm your email address and start the first task. Before cashing out, you must also enter your bank details or PayPal address.

Find more sign-up offers in my free money offers list.

2. What Offers Are on

For 14 out of 15 levels, you have three options per level. There are a range of tasks available, including:

  • Taking out free trials
  • Signing up to survey sites
  • Signing up to gambling sites and depositing money
  • Buying products for a huge discount. (You will get more cashback than the product is worth.)

If you dislike a particular task type, you can do the others instead. For example, if you do not want to sign up to gambling sites, you don’t have to. Simply choose from the other available tasks.

If you use other sites, such as OhMyDosh, you may have already completed some tasks. However, there should still be enough options. I found 14 tasks, though I had already completed many offers from 20Cogs or other sites.

An offer on Cashback
Example offer

3. How Can You Complete Offers? has 15 levels. The first level is an introductory survey, so you don’t have to do sign-ups. The remaining 14 levels have three tasks each.

You must complete at least one task per level to move to the next. You can also complete two or all three tasks of each level if you want to. Completing more tasks increases your earnings. Disable your ad blocker to ensure that tasks will track!

After you have completed an offer, the level will turn orange (pending). The status update can take a few days. If your completed task doesn’t track, contact support. is much better at tracking tasks than 20Cogs. I did not have a single issue.

Once your task has turned orange, it takes another 15 days to become green. When all your levels are green, you can cash out. You must complete all 15 to be eligible for a payout. If you stop at level 14, you won’t get any money.

15 levels on Cashback, orange or green
Levels on Cashback.

What Can You Do When Offers Are Not Tracking on

Luckily, all my tasks tracked correctly. But if you have any issues, contact support. Keep screenshots of all your sign-ups. This is to prove that you completed a task. Typically, customer support manually adds your offer within a few days.

4. Friend Referral Scheme

Once you have completed the 15 tasks, you must wait a year before you can complete again. In the meantime, the only way to make money is the friend referral program.

Luckily, Cashback has one of the best friend referral schemes. You can refer an unlimited number of friends. For each friend, you get 10% of their earnings. For example, if your friend accumulates £200 in cashback, you get £20. You can cash out these earnings once your friend has accumulated more than £10 in cashback.

Top Tip

You can still use the friend referral program if you already referred your friends.

Sites like Invitation Codes enable you to post your referral codes. They are then accessible to strangers all over the internet looking for codes.

My Experience on

Below, you can see the exact 15 offers I completed. Doing offers on is more challenging for me. Part of being a blogger is often trying out new sites to know whether I can recommend them. Thus, I already completed a lot of offers through 20Cogs, OhMyDosh and other sites. Luckily, I still could complete one offer for each level:

0Sign-up bonus£5.000£5.00
1Welcome survey£2.500£2.50
2MGM Prime trial£5.000£5.00
3SimplyCook trial£5.00£1.00£4.00
4BFI Player trial£3.500£3.50
5Hayu trial£3.500£3.50
6Discovery Kids trial£3.500£3.50
7Shudder trial£3.500£3.50
8Crime+Investigation trial£3.500£3.50
9StarzPlay trial£3.500£3.50
10Skin + Me trial£4.00£3.50£0.50
11Amazon Prime trial£5.000£5.00
12Adventure Academy trial£2.500£2.50
13Free Her Majesty Official Coin£3.00£2.50£0.50
14Smol Dishwasher tablets trial£1.50£1.00£0.50
15Tails dog food 60% off£7.00£6.00£1.00
Tasks I completed on

Overall, I made a total of £61.50 cashback. Some offers were associated with costs, as you can see above. Deducting these, my profit was £47.50.

Overall, it took me less than an hour, so this isn’t a bad reward. You can complete more tasks or do higher-value tasks to make more than me. In addition to the monetary reward, I also got several freebies:

  • Four meal kits from SimplyCook
  • Membership to various streaming platforms
  • Skincare set from Skin + Me (worth over £30)
  • Her Majesty coin (maybe it will be valuable someday…)
  • Dishwasher tablets from Smol
  • Dog food from Tails

The SimplyCook meal kits were good, and it was nice to explore new foods. But of all the freebies, the skincare set from Skin + Me is my favourite. It contains enough cleanser, moisturiser, and treatment to last a month. My skin looks noticeably better now.

How Much Money Can You Make on states that the average user makes £150. The largest payout ever was over £400. Personally, I made around £50 profit while spending less than an hour doing the tasks.

Some offers have costs associated with them. You need to subtract these to get the actual profit. But overall, you should still have a decent profit.

Pros and Cons of

👍🏻 Review Pros

  • Easy opportunity to make money with a good rate per hour.
  • Improved user interface compared to 20Cogs.
  • Huge earning potential from the friend referral program.
  • Quick payout once you have completed all 15 tasks.
  • You can complete more than once (once per year).
  • Each level has varied options for tasks.

👎🏻 Review Cons

  • Need to complete at least 15 tasks to request a payout. You will not get any money if you do not complete 15 tasks.
  • Relatively new site, so there aren’t much data.
  • Although is legit and safe, some third-party websites may not be.
  • After completing the tasks, you have to wait a year before you can do it again. Review Summary is a rewards platform. It pays you for signing up to websites and taking out free trials. It is a legit website with high ratings. On, you need to complete at least 15 tasks. You can complete more if you want to increase your earnings. The earning potential is good, with a high hourly rate.

Generally, the pros of outweigh the cons. However, be aware that you must complete all 15 tasks to be eligible for a payout. If you want to sign up to, use my link to start with a free £5 cash bonus.

There are plenty more money-making opportunities once you have completed For example, you can sign up to ySense. Read my ySense review for more details.

Cashback Review

Cashback is a rewards site. Users can complete sign-ups and take out trials to make money. After completing 15, you will receive your cash reward.

Jen Graudenz

Desktop screen showing Cashback website
Customer support
Available offers


Overall, is a great site to earn money in your spare time. Its main disadvantage is that you can complete it only once per year.


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